BoTeaOlogy who brings you 20 years of service is re-branding as | Arome Naturals 2021

What are Niche Scents

Niche Scent House

What are Niche Fragrances? Niche perfumes are specialty blends that are created by Parfumiers that focus primarily exquisite blends in the case of Arome Naturals.

My custom, artisanal fragrance career focus began in 2002 when I blended my first scent to add to some of the handmade creams, lotions and shower gels that I made to offer to my customers.

My perfume studio back then was on a much smaller scale; a one bedroom condo that I quickly out grew and moved to my first retail store. 

Being a Niche brand is much different from the larger houses because some Niche brands may never be offered in large commercial department stores nonetheless the quality is not inferior.   

Be sure to establish a relationship with YOUR Arome Niche Brand perfumer. I am here to make your scent dreams a reality. Email me the scents your are drying to try, and I will do my best to me your SCENT DREAM come true!