BoTeaOlogy who brings you 20 years of service is re-branding as | Arome Naturals 2021


I started my first brand in 2002 in a one bedroom apartment with my husband and friend Sandrea. We tinkered with essential oils trying to make scents and I remember us having so many different sample of what we called scents in every visible part of all three of our bodies - It was a mess.  

Back then I wanted high quality lotions and potions and none were available in retail stores so I thought that I would make my own. Lots of trial and error back then and I paid my tuition well tossing batch after batch out until I cam up with what I thought was really GREAT.  

My husband is a contractor and back then he had an inner city office with space he was not using so I asked him to share the office with me and I set up shop. My daughter was moving back home from the Carolinas so I asked her not to take a job but to come work with me and she did for the first five years where we handmade fresh lotion, body creams, shower gels, perfumes, colognes and roll on body oils and it was so rewarding. 

In order to stay in business we had to buy our raw material un bulk so we did  but did  not have a market for that much inventory so I got a wild hair to offer my goodies wholesale and who knew but it took off. In 2019 we were so busy I thought that I would just focus on wholesale but my customers kept asking me to bring back the retail side of the shop so here we are today. 

So thank you for stopping Arome Naturals aka BoTeaOlogy to visit and I want you to feel confident that you can shop with a company that is not fly-by-night We have paid our dues and are her to satisfy you by offering you good products that you can enjoy and feel good offering as gifts or using on your entire family. 


Love to you ALL


Ms. Val