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Fragrances are NOT Equal


I have been working with fragrance oil manufacturers for over 20 years and recently there have been some major changes. There was a time with you could purchase decent "body oils" from the street corners in larger cities and feel really comfortable doing so. NO MORE. 


Several years back October 2017 there was a fire in Citral Germany in a BASF plant. The were known as on of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of high end fragrance ingredients in the world. 

This massive fire caused serious supply issues in fragrance oils and perfume making raw materials and therefore serious price increases. 

After this massive fire in Germany 18 more chemical factories in China closed due to Environmental Protection Tax Law effective early 2018.

As a result of the castostrophic loss to  the fragrance industry it hit the end user (you and I) pretty hard and as a result the industry is still in recover today. 

After this injury to the industry, I have seen the fragrance quality drop fro many suppliers including some pricy department store brands. Aroma Naturals will strive to source the absolute finest ingredient to make your product the best possible.